Light on Education

A Centre for Personalised Education project

in conjunction with Educational Heretics Press

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The Team


The Light on Education Journal was inspired and founded by Peter Humphries, Chair of CPE, Dr Harriet Patterson of Liverpool University and Mike Wood of EHP.


The focus of the journal is to shed a critical lens on our mainstream learning systems and to explore diverse ways of opening up the educational landscape in practical, conceptual and theoretical ways.

Whilst adopting a broadly critical orientation, LOEJ is not limited to any particular ideological, disciplinary or methodological position. We welcome interdisciplinary approaches and are open to exploration of ideas and innovation in presentation.


This journal aims to be something a little different, being inclusive of academia, but by no means exclusive to it. LOEJ seeks to develop a multi-level forum for researchers and commentators originating from schools, colleges, universities and other organisations, along with independent researchers and scholars.

It seeks to be open, supportive and focused on accessible and creative communication with mixed audiences and constituencies.

Our current plan is to also include none peer reviewed articles and book reviews.

The journal will therefore be split into two, clearly defined, sections. Peer reviewed and non-peer reviewed.

The journal will be published by Educational Heretics Press, which has a long relationship with CPE.

It is a new venture and will develop over time.



We are also embarking on a novel approach to publication.

The journal will initially be published as an annual Kindle. A kindle will be created and, over the year, articles will be added to it. Those purchasing the journal can freely and repeatedly download their purchase to their Kindle device or app, thus updating it over the year. To access the following years journal readers will need to make another purchase.

At the end of each year the journal will remain available for purchase but a new journal created for the following year for us to repeat the process for that year.

Purchases of any individual Kindle version of the journal will effectively be an annual subscription to that years volume of the journal.

Additionally, at the end of each year we will publish a paper version of the kindle covering that years journal articles.

Our aim in this endeavour is to ensure the journal is achieve a global reach, available to as wide a readership as possible at as low a cost as possible.


Kindles can be read on a wide range of devices including apple/mac, windows and Android by downloading a free app from Amazon.

Alternatively, Amazon sell a range of devices, some of which are specifically designed as Kindle readers.

It is also possible to purchase devices from second hand suppliers on Ebay and on the high street.

It is also possible to log in to your Amazon account for free via computers often available at your local Library.

It is not therefore necessary to make an investment in expensive kit to read your Kindle.


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